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Welcome Lyons High School Alumni!

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Class of '65 Holds Their 40th Class Reunion

The Class of '65 held their 40th Class Reunion at the Historic Train Depot in Lyons, Georgia on November 25, 2005. To view the photos from this reunion click here.

Member's Only Section of Website

Thanks to Allen Alchian and his wife Ann Gordy Alchian (Class of '66) the Member Only area of the website is available for members to use to communicate with fellow classmates and post information about themselves and their families, including photos.

2004 All Year Reunion Held on November 27, 2004

The 2004 All Year Reunion was held at the Quint Shrine Club on November 27, 2004. This reunion is open to anyone who attended Lyons High School and is held Thanksgiving weekend each year that we have a Presidential election. Everyone had a great time and a new photo album was discovered. Click here.

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Want to send email to all your fellow LHS Alumni? It's simple. Send an email to: lhs-subscribe@griggers.com and we will sign you right up. Please include the name you used in school and your class year in your original email. Once you have been set up, you can send email to everyone on the list by addressing it to lhs@griggers.com. Be sure to sign your email where everyone will know who you are, e.g., Larry Griggers, Class of '66. 

"Ringggggg!!!" Recess Time Is Here. Click here.

Remember when Otis Phillips used to signal the beginning of the school day, recess, lunch and the end of the school day by actually ringing a bell? We have pictures of the original LHS bell.

A New Yearbook Has Been Discovered - The 1924 "Wire-Grass"

Move over "Leo-Lite", the "Wire-Grass" has replaced you as the earliest known LHS yearbook. This fascinating look into Lyons' past will keep you spellbound.

Interview With Dr. Ted Kavakos - Click here.

We were able to catch the late Dr. Ted Kavakos at home on April 8, 2001 and interview him about his recollections of the Lyons Bulldogs. Click here to hear the 9 minute interview and relive the exploits of the Bulldogs dating back to 1945! Bonus ... you get to meet Thomas the cat!

See Lyons High School's Earliest Know Student and Teacher Handbook - the "Catalogue"

Thanks to the sleuthing of Robert Brown, Class of '63, we now know that student and teacher handbooks were published as early as 1908. It was called the "Catalogue" and was just 20 pages. You will love this fascinating piece of LHS history.

See LHS' First Yearbook - the "Leo-Lite"

Thanks to the generosity of Billy Aiken, Class of '49, we have been able to scan his senior yearbook, which was published by Lyons High School as the first student yearbook and predecessor to the Mastiff. It was called the "Leo-Lite". It was only published once. LHS did not publish an annual again until 1954. Harry Lane submitted the winning name, "Mastiff" in a school competition to name the new yearbook. The Mastiff name stuck. Billy Aiken has donated the Leo-Lite to the LHS Alumni Association.


Welcome to  the home page of the alumni of the original Lyons High School in Lyons, Georgia. We offer this website free to fellow graduates and hope that each of you will help make it a success.

Although the offspring of LHS have dispersed all over the planet, this website has reunited us in one place in cyberspace and allowed us to once again walk the halls of ole LHS, meet in the breezeway, go to the canteen  and catch up on the latest happenings in the lives of our classmates. We are united again!

Help spread the news. If you know of someone who ever attended LHS at any time before it merged with Lyons Industrial High School to become Lyons Senior High School, invite them to this site to join the fun. 

Want to Join the LHS Alumni Association?

If you attended LHS and wish to join the LHS Alumni Association where you can access our "Members Only" area, just send me email at the following email address: "lmgriggers@hotmail.com". Membership is free. Include in your email the name you were known by when you attended LHS and the year you graduated or would have graduated had you finished at LHS. We will send you a membership ID and password by return email.

Help make it work. Now, lets explore the website. Click on one of the links at the top of this page  to look around.

--- Larry M. Griggers, Class of '66 and Webmaster. To send me email, click here.