'65 in 1st Grade

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1st Grade Pictures of Some Members of the Class of '65

John Todd, Class of '65, provides these two pictures of his fellow classmates. They were made in 1954 when he was in the 1st grade.

This is Mrs. Carr's 1st Grade class from 1954. Top row: Mrs. Carr, ?, ?, ?, ?, Carol Kight, Evelle Gibbs, ?, Eula Moore, Carol McDilda, ?. Middle Row: Judy Mixon, ?, Gwen Clark, Jimmy Yeomans, ?, ?, ?, Don Thompson, Jane Jones. Front Row: Phillip Odom, ?, (could this be Danny Smith?), John Todd, Gerald Tootle.

This is Mrs. House's 1st Grade class in 1954. Most of these students were in the Class of '65. Top Row: Greg Tucker, David Edenfield, ?, William Grimes, Chip or Chris (I think Chris) Matheson. 3rd Row: Benny Anderson, Joy Bargeron, Betty George, Teresa Ferraro, Nancy Wright, Lorine McNair, Rod Wilkes, Mrs. House. 2nd Row: Sharon Tillman, ?, Joan Wilkes, Wayne Gibbs, Martha Carol Williams, Hoke Green, Elaine Wright, ?, Linda Faye Sawyer. Bottom Row: Don Carter, Jackie McCumbers, Larry Powell, Chris or Chip (I think Chip) Matheson, Theron Gore, Tommy Proctor.

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