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Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane

This section of the web is designed to evoke memories of special events and friends from the LHS era. We invite you to submit articles and photos for posting to this page.

Want to see what some members of the class of '65 looked like in the first grade? Click here.
Compare those things that were important to us in 1970 to those issues of importance in 2000. Click here.
Interested in the history of LHS? Click here.
Take your mind back to 1964 and see if you can you identify the people in the pictures we have provided for you. No fair looking in your annual! Click here to see the shots.

51 people on one Packard automobile??? Impossible? Not really. Click here to see this amazing feat.

Robert Brown posts a special tribute to the late Billy Yarbrough, who most of you should remember as the manager of the Pal Theater in Lyons. Click here to read the tribute.
Larry Griggers finds his 1965 Photo Album in his mother's closet in 2004. Click here to see some great campus shots.