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Everybody had some place to be most of the time, but those recesses allowed a few minutes to just do what you wanted to do.

Signing up for annuals

Students are signing up for something prior to a ball game. Anybody remember what was going on?

Susan Coleman and Shawnee Merritt

Susan Coleman and Shawnee Merritt are waiting after class for a ride home in my new 1964 Ford Galaxy 500 with four barrel carburetor and 390 cubic inch engine .... remember how we were so proud of our wheels? A car to a teenager guy meant freedom and independence and it really attracted the girls.

Canteen area

Color film wasn't the best back in those days, but it gives you a more realistic view of life on campus. That's Tim Palmer coming down the steps. Might be Fran Pugsley in the white sweater sitting to his right. Sitting with her might be Cheryl Boatright. John Todd is drinking a coke while chatting with David Thigpen. Greg Wilkes is in the tan sweater further right holding a coke.

At recess

Earldeen Todd is facing left. Patsy Wilds is sitting on the steps. Lamar Mosley is holding a coke. Remember the patches on the elbows of the sweaters like Roland Bass is wearing (back to us).

Cheryl Boatwright, Deloris Thompson, ???, David Thigpen, Wayne Jarrell discuss the latest campus gossip.

Pep rally

Who were the red devils? I remember the pep rally, but I can't remember the name of the team. Can you?

Teachers eating

The teachers always sat at this table in the lunch room. Coach Bill Schofield, Jack Sapp, J. H. Collins, ???, and Coach Mac Morrison discuss their strategy for salvaging this generation of students!

Chemistry Class

Mr. J. H. Collins teaches us about the periodic chart of the atoms. The year following when this picture was taken, he would become the principal of Lyons High School after the death of Mr. Sam Jones.

Eating in the lunch room

Sue McCumbers and Billy Yarbrough enjoy some first class food (yeah right). Remember those milk containers?

Linda McKinley & Carol Mosley

We were a group of level headed young men and women who had their priorities in order and knew exactly where we were going. Just ask  Linda McKinley and Carol Mosley.

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