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Hey, Let's Go On A Field Trip

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The field trip combined an adventure with a learning experience and was both fun and educational. The Class of '65 and '66 took a trip to Savannah to tour a museum, the Dixie Crystal Plant and Union Camp.

Arriving at the Union Camp Paper Mill

Everyone arrives at the Union Camp Paper Mill in Savannah for a tour of one of the largest makers of paper and paper bags in the country. Their bags used to be found at every grocery store.

Getting on the boat for the Savannah Rive Tour

We were real honored to have Edith Bunker join us on the boat ride. Just kidding, that's Mrs. Brown.

Sitting on the boat

Check out those sunglasses! Jane Spell, Deloris Thompson, Nancy Truax, Fran Pughsley, Jan James and Marijon Meadows show off the latest in eye wear.

Sightseeing on the Savannah River

Mr. J. H. Collins describes the industry along the Savannah River, but .....

John Todd and Mike Dickerson

... most of the classmates were more attracted to the onboard juke box than to the sights. John Todd and Mike Dickerson are dropping in the quarters.

Inside the Savannah River Boat

"Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!" Mr. Collins comes downside to listen to the music.

On the bow of the boat

Of course when the teachers come inside, the kids head outside. We weren't moving very fast here. All the weight of the guys in the bow of the boat had the propeller barely in the water!

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