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A Few Parting Shots

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Finding the 1965 high school picture album was so much fun, you hate to arrive at the end.

Hanging out at the drug store

Hanging out at the drug store after school was a lot of fun. The Shuman girls enjoyed it. Shown here are Tina, Madeline and Pat.

Shooting hoops at the gym

Coach Mac Morrison shows the kids how to do it. That's Linda Register on the right.

Coach Mac Morrison

Did you know Coach Morrison's first name was Malcolm? Maybe that's why he adopted the nickname "Mac". He made all the hearts of the high school girls go pitter patter.

Larry Griggers at WBBT

If you tuned in to WBBT during 1965, one of the DJ's you might hear was your very own Webmaster, Larry Griggers. All programming in those days was live. We played 45's and 33 1/3 RPM music. Commercials were on cartridges or on reel to reel tape players. It was a fun time for me.

One Act Play

Yes, that is Ronnie Stewart (Class of '65) in a dress. It was the senior class play, but nobody at the 2004 reunion could remember the name of the play. Can you? It had to be a hoot.

One Act Play in 1965

Wonder if any of our actors went on to act as adults?

1965 Graduation

A fitting way to end these pictures from 1965 would be to show some graduation pictures for the Class of '65.

Class of '65

The graduation was held in the Lyons High School Gym with only fans for cooling. There wasn't a lot of air conditioning available in those days. We were accustomed to the heat.

Johnny gets his diploma.

My brother Johnny Griggers marches in to sit with his class.

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