LHS 1965

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Larry Griggers' High School Photo Album

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There is a treasure trove of memories stored away in the closets of LHS alumni. Just before the November 27, 2004 all year reunion, while visiting my mother, my wife Debbie was helping her clean out her closets and she discovered a photo album I made while a Junior at LHS. At the time I was serving on the Mastiff Staff and taking campus pictures for the annual. Let see if you enjoy seeing these photos again as much as I did.

LHS Cheerleaders

Outdoor pep rallies were a great way to get fired up for a ball game, especially the hot rivalry between the Lyons Bulldogs and the Vidalia Indians. These pep rallies often took place just outside the canteen by the breezeway.

By the breezeway

The entrance to the canteen was a center of campus activity and the place to be during recess.

Talking on the breezeway

"You are NOT going to take my picture, are you?" Cathy McArthur aims a questioning look at the photographer.

Jack Sapp and Douglas Mosley

Mr. Jack Sapp taught Industrial Arts at Lyons High.

Mac Morrison

Coach Mac Morrison taught World History and was very popular among the students.

Chemistry Class

You should have been in this class when the debate started over the color of the inside of a watermelon. Anybody remember?

Typing Class

Notice that all the typewriters were manual. There was one Selectric Typewriter that arrived in 1965 that was electric. I had a little ball that spun around and positioned the proper letter over the paper. That was real progress. Mr. Archie Toler taught the class.

English Class

Reading, writing and arithmetic. English class was as important then as it is now.

Breezeway 1965

Notice the dress and the hairstyles. Each era adopts its own look and that was ours.

School chums

Roland Bass, Ronnie Stewart and Pete Wright in the Breezeway.

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