51 on a Packard

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Fifty-One People In and On a Packard Car!

Back in the golden era of drive-in theaters, J. W. Griggers of Lyons (father of the LHS Alumni Website webmaster) drove into Pete's Drive-In with 51 human beings, mostly kids, crammed into and onto his vintage Packard to win a "Load the Car" promotion being staged by the now long-defunct theater. The feat was captured on film by local photo enthusiast, Billy Yarbrough, manager of the Pal Theater in Lyons, and made Griggers a local hero of sorts, especially among the kids, who gained free admission to the theater for making up the largest crowd entering in and on one car.

Below is the photograph, taken in 1952, that was the talk of the town. We need your help identifying everyone on the automobile. You can see 42 people. Presumably, another 9 are in the car or on the other side, away from the camera. Were you there? Florine Griggers has helped up identify a few of the people on the car, relying on her memory. Can you identify the others? If so, please let the webmaster know.

Click on the photo below to see a large version of it. This will help you you see the faces.

51 People on a Caddy