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Trivia About LHS - "Betcha Didn't Know ..."

(Webmaster note: These are interesting trivia items taken from postings to the LHS bulletin board and other sources.)


Q: How many LHS football players made the Atlanta Journal All State football team during the 50s and 60s?
A: Here is the list of those we know about:

bullet1955 Robert McDilda (fullback)
bullet1956 Billy Benton (halfback) and "Big Tank" Thompson (tackle)
bullet1957 Raymond Landrum (fullback)
bullet1958 Robert McDilda (fullback), Ray Moody (end) and Jerry Scott (end)
bullet1960 Barry Jones (halfback)
bullet1963 Speck Nobles (fullback) and Larry Toole (tackle)
bullet1964 Jimmy "Spook" Alexander (quarterback) and George Gordon (guard)
bullet1965 Chip Matheson (end) and Chris McRae (halfback)
bullet1966 Greg Wilkes (quarterback) and Richard Brown (fullback)
bullet1967 Jackie Amerson (halfback)
bullet1969 Johnny Durst (quarterback) and J. B. Cone (halfback).

(Source: Jimmy "SPOOK" Alexander, Class of '64)


Q: What was the last graduating class to go all 12 grades in the same building?
A: 1960 (Source: Bill Carter, Class of '60)

Q: Who placed first in State in Piano Solo in 1959 and second in 1960?
A: Zandra Alexander (Source: Dan Miot, Class of '62)

Q: What was the first music ensemble to ever win a Superior rating at Music Festival?
A: Trombone Quartet 1960. Consisted of Dan Miot, Ronald Keen , Edward Stewart, Jimmy Alexander. (Source: Dan Miot, Class of '62)

Q: What popular local photographer coached the LHS Bulldogs during WWII because there was a shortage of coaches?
A: Billy Yarbrough, Jr., manager of the Pal Theater in Lyons (Source: Billy Yarbrough, III, Class of '62)

Q: Which was the first Senior Class to publish a Mastiff annual?
A: Class of 1949. (Source: Charles Rawles, Class of '49)

Q: What was the name of the first yearbook ever published at LHS? (Hint: It was not Mastiff!)
A: The "Leo-Lite" (Source: Billy Aiken, Class of '49)

Q: When was the first Mastiff published and who named it?
A: 1954, named by Harry Lane. (Source: Billy Alexander, Class of '52)

Q: What was the first year LHS fielded a baseball team?
A: 1949 (Source: Charles Rawles, Class of '49)

Q: Which was the last Senior Class to attend all 12 grades in the same building?
A: Class of 1960. (Source: Bill Carter, Class of '60)

Q: In 1963, what LHS football player picked up a fumble and ran 80 yards the wrong way to give Metter a safety?
A: Rusty Randall (Source: Billy Yarbrough, Class of '65)

Q: Who was the last principal of LHS?
A: James H. Collins, who became the principal in 1966, following the death of long-time principal Sam P. Jones. (Source: Larry Griggers, Class of '66)

Q: Which year at LHS did not have a single graduate?
A: In 1951 they added a requirement that you had to attend 12 grades to graduate, so that year they had no graduates. The Class of 1952 were Seniors for two years! (Source: Luray Sharpe, Class of '52)