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When you get together with classmates you haven't seen for decades, just talking about old times and catching up is all the entertainment you need to have a great time.

Bobby James and Zandra Alexander

"I had to work hard to keep you upperclassmen at arms length in those days!" Bobby James (Class of '64) and Zandra Alexander (Class of '61) reminisce.

Joyce Kitchen Enfinger and husband Kenneth

Joyce Kitchens Enfinger (Class of '61) and husband Kenneth join the party.

Jack and Judy Alexander

Jack and Judy Alexander were excited to be able to make the reunion this year.

Johnny Collins

Johnny Collins (Class of '61) drops by to see his old chums.

Sue McCumbers Cooper and Jeanette Findley

The class of '65 had the most classmates in attendance at the all year reunion. Sue and Janette Findley are happy to see each other again.

Ron and Linda Corbin Wilson

Linda Corbin Wilson (Class of '65) and husband Ron always make every reunion and everybody is always glad to see them.

Roy Stewart

Roy Stewart (Class of '62) is a rare sight. He is one graduate that made Lyons his home after graduation.

Mr & Mrs. Charles Rustin

Well, maybe not so rare. Charles Rustin (Class of '61) also stayed and now serves as the Chairman of the Toombs County Board of Commissioners.

Tim Page & Linda Griner Moran

Tim is making the rounds catching up. He strikes up a conversation with Linda Griner (Class of '68).

Becky Yarbrough

Becky Yarbrough 1960

Becky is just immortal, that's all there is to it. She was the class beauty in 1960 and she still looks great today. She is bound to be the last graduate of LHS still standing.

Susan Rustin Grisham and Husband

Susan Rustin and husband, Mr. Grisham. It is really fun to meet the spouses of your classmates and find out how they met, talk about their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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