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Hey! I haven't seen you in years ....

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It's funny how quickly the years fade away when you begin talking to a classmate.

Barbara and Janette chat. Can you recognize who that is on the slide show in the background? It's John Todd and Mike Dickerson on a boat in Savannah during a field trip in 1965 to the Dixie Crystal and Union Camp plants.

Watching slides

Larry Griggers' wife Debbie was helping his mother clean out a closet and came across a school photo album from 1965-1966. Everyone enjoyed it immensely. 

Van Page

Van Page and Betty George

Van Page (Class of '66) is one of our classmates that has changed little over the years. That's him on the right with a trumpet accompanying Betty George on the piano.

Jimmy Morris

Jimmy Morris (Class of '60) stayed with us all night.

Don Carter

Thinking about the old times is a favorite past time of Don Carter (Class of '65).

Wayne Cambell

Wayne Campbell (Class of '65). Each classmate is a walking library of wonderful memories from high school. Wayne has lots of stories to tell.

Roy Stewart and Fred Alexander

The Alexanders were big guys on campus throughout the 50's and 60's. Fred strikes up a conversation with Roy Stewart.

Micky Cooper

I'll bet Mickey Cooper (husband of Sue McCumbers) has cut a rug to many an Elvis Presley tune. He kept the dance floor pretty hot!

Pat & William Phillips and Allison Gordon

Pat Gordon Phillips and her husband William along with Allyson (Mrs. George Gordon) enjoying the slide show.

Chris McRae

Chris just has a good time no matter what he is doing. The 2004 All Year Reunion was no exception. Earlier in the afternoon, all the Class of '65 gathered at Chris' house for their annual get together.

Billy Yarbrough

Billy Yarbrough, Pam Griggers, Larry Griggers

Larry Griggers

Billy Yarbrough (Class of '65), Pam Griggers (wife of Johnny), and Larry Griggers (Class of '66) are having a great time.

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