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Forty years dissolve in a single smile. We change, but our friendships grow stronger.

Johnny Griggers and Evelle Guibbs 2004

Johnny Griggers & Evelle Guibbs

 Time can really change us a lot, don't you think? Around 1958 Johnny Griggers and Evelle Gibbs went to a grade school dance. In 2004, they try out the dance floor again.

Sock hop at the Lyons Gym


Whether it is a sock hop at the LHS Gym or at a class reunion at the Quint Shrine Club, when the classmates get together, they know how to shake a tail feather.

Class of '65

The Class of '65 was the largest class in attendance at the All Year LHS Reunion in 2004.

Class of '65

The Class of '65 a few years ago.

Grace Collins

See if you can spot Grace Collins (Class of '65) in the picture below.

Having cokes in class? I don't remember that treat. Grace is the "thinker" on the first row, far right.

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