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Difference and indifference just float away ....

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In school you had your cliques that you hung around with. Some classmates escaped your complete attention. Forty or so years later, those relationships begin to fade and new relationships form. The common experience of LHS unites us and classmates that were not close when they were in school become newly acquainted and form fast friendships.

Evelle Gibbs and John Todd

Evelle and John are really glad to see each other again.

Richard Thompson and Charles Rustin

Richard Thompson (Class of '61) and Charles Rustin (Class of '61).

Mr. & Mrs. Buddy Dismuke

Isn't that sweet. Buddy Dismuke's (Class of '64) wife, Barbara Stanley (Class of '65) still enjoys sitting on his knee. If I was still writing for the "Betcha Didn't Know" column of the Lyons' Roar, that would get an honorable mention.

Buddy Lindsey

"Hi everybody!" Buddy Lindsey (Class of '61) waves to the crowd.

Spec Nobles, Greg Wilkes, Spook Alexander

Greg Wilkes # 25

Spec Nobles (Class of '63), Greg Wilkes (Class of '66) and Spook Alexander (Class of '64) are no doubt discussing sports. They were all three stars in their days at LHS. Greg's fade away over-the-head jump shot and his hook shot (see above) just could not be blocked and were the terror of all teams that played basketball with LHS.


The annuals are always at hand for reference. Some of the classmates have changes so much the annuals have to be checked to refresh your memory!

Mr. & Mrs. George Gordon

George and Allyson Gordon make an attractive couple.

Becky Yarbrough Tindall and Jackie McLaw

Becky Yarbrough Tindall (Class of '60) and Jackie McLaw.

Evelle Gibbs and Mary Alice Gibbs.

These two sisters are very close. Evelle Gibbs (Class of '65) and Mary Alice Gibbs (Class of '69). See if you can spot Evelle in the photo below.

Little fingers of light reach out and touch these young performers. I believe it was a piano recital. Evelle is the 2nd person from the left. That's your webmaster six down from the left.

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