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It's like you just can't get enough of seeing your old school chums again. We heard that the Class of '65 had breakfast at Shoney's in Vidalia the next morning!

Ed Johnson & Johnny Griggers

Johnny Griggers, get off that phone and talk to Ed Johnson! You don't get to see these guys all that often.

??? and Betty Carol Mimbs

Henrietta Burke (Class of '65) and Betty Carol Mimbs (Class of '65) have been friends for a long time.

Sue is such a cut up. It is almost impossible to catch her without her mouth open! We should strive to have such a positive outlook on life, don't you think?

Debbie Griggers and Billy Yarbrough

Billy Yarbrough


Here I am, slaving away carrying out my duties as Webmaster for the LHS Alumni Association and what happens when the music starts? My best friend starts dancing with my wife! Who would have thought someone so innocent when he was little would turn out to be so devilish? (Yep, that's Billy on the right too.)

Patsy Wilds and Tim Page

"I finally learned how to dance!" beams Tim proudly. "Not really, he's standing on my foot!" complains Pat.

Allison, Pat and Chris

"Hey, that ain't right! Where are the chaperones!" Allyson, Pat and Chris demonstrate a style of dancing not frequently seen in public in the 60's. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey would be impressed!

The 1960 Class Beauty has got her a cutie!

Sue McCumbers

Sue McCumbers selling tickets at Pal Theater

"That's me???" Sue McCumbers can't believe her eyes. Yep, that's her selling tickets at the Pal Theater in Lyons in 1965, almost 40 years ago.

Marijon Meadows & Lloyd Stewart

And as Donna Summer would say, that's the "Last Dance". The All Year LHS Reunion 2004 was history, but it produced a lot of fond memories and great expectation for the next reunion in 2008.

LHS Post Card, Circa 1954

We close our photo layout with a picture post card of Lyons High School from the mid-50's, courtesy of Bobby Thompson Durst (Class of '46). There was nothing extraordinary about our school. It was like so many thousands of schools all across America, but for all who attended there, looking at the above photo is bound to stir warm feeling in their hearts. It was our alma mater, birthplace of a great education and some wonderful friendships.

Feeling really nostalgic? Click here to see the pictures everybody was looking at in the slide show and take a trip back in time down the Savannah River.

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