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All Year Class Reunion 2004

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Every four years during the Presidential Election Year, all those who ever attended Lyons High School in Lyons, Georgia are invited to get together for an "All Year LHS Class Reunion".  This year the reunion was held at Quint Shrine Center in Lyons on November 27, 2004.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

Everybody was on their best behavior this year. Becky Yarbrough, Sue McCumbers and Marijon Meadows maintained that they had heard no evil, seen no evil or spoke no evil, but Billy Yarbrough lets the cat out of the bag.

John Todd and Betty George

John Todd and George Gordon

Remember John Todd and Betty George? Well, here he is about 40 years later with George Gordon catching up on what each other has been doing over the year.

Pat Gordon Phillips

Pat Gordon (Class of '62) is happy to be at the reunion.

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Davis

Jerry Davis (Class of '65) and his wife Barbara.

Debbie Griggers and Marijon Meadows McDaniels

"Yes sir, the basic admission is $10." Mrs. Larry Griggers volunteers to help Marijon collect admission to pay for the reunion.

Peggy Wilson Hart

Peggy Wilson arrives and says, "When does the dancing start?"

Tim Page, Patsy Wilds Wallace and Jim Paul Gordy

Tim Page, Patsy Wilds Wallace and Jim Paul Gordy renew their acquaintance.

Larry & Johnny Griggers and Sue McCumbers Cooper

There's a lot of hugging that goes on at a class reunion. Johnny exclaims, "You haven't been hugged, Sue, until you have been double hugged by the Griggers brothers!" It looks like Sue finds that remark kind of funny.

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