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Class of '65 Holds 38th Year Reunion

One of the most active classes is the Class of '65, which has set as its goal a class reunion every year at Thanksgiving. This year was one of the largest gatherings, with 27 members of the class dropping by Chris McRae's house in Lyons, which has become the annual gathering place of choice for the class.

"Hurry up and take the picture Larry, it's cold out here!" Everyone was anxious to return to their classmates and continue swapping lies from the old days. Click on the image above to download a 1 megabyte blow up of the above picture. Be sure to allow plenty of time for it to download. It may take several minutes.

Marijon put all the guys to shame and also cleaned them out of enough cash to pay for the next reunion. "She got lucky," said Bill Harden.

"You do what with this little stick?????" Billy Yarbrough gives some instruction to Sue McCumbers. The classmates were really glad to see Billy make the reunion after missing last year's gathering due to illness.

Larry Wilkes and Chris McRae.

"I told you I didn't want you to take my damn picture!" Chris McRae, decked out in full Georgia colors, fusses about having to pose for a picture. He is shown here with his former roommate at UGA. Most of the classmates did not recognize his roommate (on the left). Put your cursor over the picture to see who it is.

Jane Jones and Marilyn Smith welcome Coach Bill Schofield, always a welcome visitor for the class reunions.

"Larry, I've waited a lot of years to tell you that if you had caught that ball, we would have won that playoff game!" Don Carter moderates an altercation that developed between Coach Jackie Jones and Larry Wilkes. The scrap later went outside and it took six classmates to separate the two!  (Just kidding!)


Gwen Clarke praises the event host for letting all these careless classmates bring drinks in his house. Billy takes heed and carefully cradles his drink afterwards.

"Well, yeah, I know I still look much better than my brother, Chris." Chip Matheson boasts to Jane Jones.

"Sure, Cecil, I believe every word you're saying ....." Danny Smith pays close attention to the never-ending ramblings of classmate Cecil Garrett. Several classmates conspired later to rescue him by telling him he had a phone call. He was most appreciative of their sensitivity to his peril!

"But Coach, how could I POSSIBLY have flunked Drivers Ed?" Marilyn Smith get an old issue off her chest. The Coach promised to review her transcript and make whatever change was warranted. She actually believed him!

Danny Smith, Jerry Davis and Lloyd Stewart reproduce an old scene by the smoking tree at Lyons High School.

"I know the face, but ......" Dennis McClendon has to put his glasses on to recognize that he is talking to his classmate Kathleen Jarriel. Part of the fun at these class reunions is seeing who has changed the most and who has changed the least. After getting over the changes, a few minutes of chatting and the old memories return and you see the gleam of the teenage classmate you knew and loved in their eyes.

The Class of '65 reunion planning crew do a great job of keeping the classmates close. They have turned this annual gathering into a "wouldn't miss it for the world" event that keeps the school chums bonded year after year.

Ron and Linda Corbin Wilson ...... what else can you say? A great couple.

Friends for life ..... Larry Griggers and Billy Yarbrough have stayed close friends over half a century. Larry is the Webmaster of LHS Alumni Association and is a regular guest of the Class of '65.

"Do you think anybody saw us go back for fourths??" Grace and Don guard the boiled peanuts.

Here is the lineup of those members of the Class of '65 that attended the 38th Reunion. Hold your cursor over a picture to see the name of the classmate.

Larry Wilkes

Danny Smith

Marijon Meadows

Cecil Garrett

Bill Harden

Chip Matheson

Sue McCumbers

Linda Corbin

Grace Collins

Gwen Clarke

Marilyn Smith

Don Carter

Jane Jones

Chris McRae

Dennis McLendon

Lloyd Stewart

Jimmy Youmans

Wayne Campbell

Tim Palmer

Carol McDilda

Jerry Davis

Audrey Brown

Margie Hadden

Billy Yarbrough

Barbara Stanley

Kathleen Jarrel

Wayne Jarrell

Class of '65

38th Reunion

"I really enjoyed this class reunion more than any I have been to before. It is great to be back among my school friends." said Billy Yarbrough of the reunion.

A good time was enjoyed by all and everyone looked forward to the next get together of the Class of '65.