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Hanging Out At The Depot

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Many of the classmates could remember bales of cotton sitting on the Historic Train Depot in Lyons when they were in school. Now it serves as a community center which made it ideal for the 40th Class Reunion of the Class of '65.

The rustic original wood floors made a great setting for the get together.

The loading doors are plainly visible in the background. I have sat for many an hour listening to the telegraph machine tapping out messages and watching the freight come and go. My dad's Studebaker dealership was next door and Billy Yarbrough and I had been run off by the station master many times for playing on the cotton bales loaded on the dock ready for shipment.

The ladies of the Class of '65 are a very close knit bunch and enjoy keeping in touch with each other even when it doesn't have anything to do with the class reunions.

Classmate Sue Rustin and her husband Rick Grisham.

"Sue, you never told jokes like that in high school!" Marijon Meadows reacts.

Kathleen Jarrell is always smiling when reunited with her school chums.

Wayne Campbell and Van Page swap yarns.

Let's see, Wayne Campbell on one side and Wayne Pittman on the other. Talk about some tall tales!

Classmate Larry Wooten was sporting a nice goatee for the reunion.

Classmate Larry Powell and wife Arlene wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

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