Lifetime Friendships

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Friends for Life

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It is just four years, but it can change you for life ....

Buddy Dismuke and Barbara Stanley made their high school romance permanent and have been inseparable every since.

Hey, Evelle! We are very glad to see you too! One of the most popular classmates flashes that big smile that continues to make her popular 40 years later.

Marilyn Smith and Kathleen carry on a lively discussion while Margie Hadden reminisces at the photo table.

Watch out, Audrey, it looks like Grace is getting ready to spit behind you! (Grace is going to kill me!)

Chip Matheson sports a very nice hankie that makes a nice accompaniment to his stylish vest. Wayne is impressed, but Betty Carol Mimbs has her keys in hand and looks like she's ready to make a quick getaway.

C. M. Youmans and wife Frances have missed the last few reunions and everyone was glad to see them at the 40th.

"I'm not sure who that is, what do you ladies think?" Johnny Griggers enlists the aid of Linda and Evelle to figure out the identity of a new arrival at the reunion.

"Don, I've known you for a long time and I can tell when you are lying. I do NOT look good!" Oh yes he did. All the classmates were excited about seeing Chris McRae at the reunion and doing well after his very serious illness earlier in the year.

Does the reunion planning committee go all out or what? Great cake.

See what you missed by not attending the reunion? The Class of '65 feeds good! Evelle Gibbs' younger sister Mary Ellen catered the event and did a wonderful job.

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