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Having the reunion at the depot added a taste of nostalgia to the event that was indescribable.

Betty Hall is still looking good! She was a class beauty in High School and those blue eyes are still captivating 40 years later.

Ronnie Stewart, Marilyn and Barbara are having too much fun. They have to be cooking up some mischief.

"No Johnny, I do not put color on my hair!" Jimmy Youmans lets Johnny Griggers know his displeasure at the implication that he is resisting the natural aging process.

Sorry, Billy, this was the only picture I had of you other than one where you were picking your nose!

Johnny tells a riveting story to some of his classmates. Jerry Davis is particularly captivated!

"No, Don Thompson doesn't look anything like Mr. Magoo. He has more hair!" Lloyd Stewart notes how time has changed his classmate.

Ok, we were teasing about it being the 40th Class Reunion, Audry Rollison and Grace Collins can't be a day over 39! 

Looks like these ladies are cooking up a scheme to have one of the guys climb up on the water tower tonight and paint "Class of '65 Rules!"

Wayne won the competition for "Most handsome after 40 years." Ronnie and Lloyd were very disappointed when they were X'd out early in the balloting. Ronnie called for a recount, but the results were confirmed. He was heard to say as he left, "I'm not coming next year." Come on Ronnie, it's was just a game.

Everyone had a great time and were looking forward to the next class reunion.

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