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Class of 1966 - 20 Year Reunion

In 1986, the Class of 1966 held it's one and only class reunion to date. It was held at the Serendipity Health Club in Vidalia, Georgia. Here are some of the pictures that were taken 14 years ago. Click on the picture to see the class picture of the classmate where we have been able to identify them. If you know any classmates that are not identified, please let the webmaster know.

(Any of the other classes that have pictures from any reunions they have had are welcome to submit them for posting to the LHS Alumni Website.)

Forty-three classmates were present for the reunion. Do you recognize everyone above? Click on their faces to see who we think they are. Let us know if there are mistakes or if you know the names of the few classmates that don't have a link.

Deloris Thompson

Deloris Thompson still possessed the timeless beauty that got her elected Miss Senior Class of 1966!

Georgette and Henry Gordon

Henry Gordon looked real proud. No wonder, he and wife Georgette were expecting their first child!

Margaret Murphy and Duane Tomlin

Margaret Murphy and Duane Tomlin were happy to see one another after 20 years. If memory serves correctly, that appears to be Patsy Williamson in the background.

Jayne Spell

Jayne Spell was battling cancer at the time and this reunion had a special significance to her. She was delighted to see everyone.

Gary Wilson and Coach Bill Schofill 

Coach Bill Schofill was a special guest. Gary Wilson had him engaged in deep conversation. What do you suppose it was about?

Gloria Williamson

We had unexpected talent surface for the entertainment. All the classmates' eyes went wide with astonishment when Olivia Williamson, who we all remembered to be very shy and reserved, performed a splendid "belly dance". Now that takes courage! Everyone was impressed.

Tony Ganey

Tony Ganey was wearing a lot longer cut of hair than he sported in his high school days. No gray yet!

Van Page

Van Page was looking good in a full beard. He had not aged a bit. Frances Anderson, now a noted physician in New York, is probably giving him some free advice on how to stay young!

Melinda Odom

Melinda Odom had changed her look dramatically from her high school days.

Looks like a serious chat took place between Virginia Powell, Patsy Williamson and another classmate. It was a great time to catch up on what had been happening for the past 20 years.

Gary Wilson and Greg Wilkes

Mr. LHS, Greg Wilkes was sporting a bit of gray, but still had that killer smile!

Jan James and Nancy Truax

Jan James listened intently to Nancy Truax's story. Wonder what (or who) they were talking about????

Ms. Eugene Brogdon and Nancy Truax

Now Nancy is telling the tale to Ms. Eugene Brogdon. There were so many memories to rekindle with old friends and teachers. The night rolled on at a rapid pace.

Glenda Morris and husband Larry Rushing

Glenda Morris and husband Larry Rushing hung in there with us till the evening's very end. Everyone realized how special it was to be with old friends they had spent 12 formative years of their lives with.

Winston Powell

Winston Powell flashes almost the identical smile he offered for his class picture 20 years earlier.

It was a unique opportunity to be with so many school friends in 1986, twenty years after we had all thrown our hats into the air together upon graduating from LHS in 1966. We had all taken many different paths, but on this one special day, those paths crossed and we enjoyed once again the friendships that had made our days at LHS so special.