2002 Reunion - 1

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Classes of '67 and '68 in 2002

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These guys seem a lot older than me ....

"I've been thinking about cutting my hair short like yours, I just can't do anything with it these days." David Anderson and Linda Griner discuss how the hair styles have changed over the years.

Mary Alice Krulic, Linda Brogdon and Pam Humphrey catch up on old friendships.

Robert Garrett demonstrates a secret hand signal he use to use in class to communicate with other students.

Keith Lewis, Wayne Underwood and Dwayne Aaron.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Johnson and Della Kight.

Mr. & Mrs. Carey Hall

Patsy Wilds

Cornelia Palmer

Bob Randall & Friend

Coach Avret, Mike Mullins and Bob Randall

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