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Interview With Dr. Teddy Kavakos

Dr. Teddy Kavakos
Bulldogs' Biggest Fan - Dr. Ted Kavakos

Dr. Ted "Teddy" Kavakos, is well known to those LHS Alumni who attended the bulldog games or stopped off for a soda at the City Drug Store, where he served as the local druggist and sports guru from 1946 till well after LHS had ceased to exist in 1970.

Teddy's father was born in Greece and came to America at the age of 9 years. As an adult, he owned an operated a popular restaurant in Vidalia, on the NE corner of McIntosh and 1st Street, just down the street from the Pal Theater. He attended public schools in Vidalia till the family moved to Lyons in 1933.

He attended High School in the original LHS three story building, graduating in 1939. He remembers that the top floor of the beautiful building was removed in 1937 for some unknown reason.

In 1946 he acquired the building that originally housed the Toombs County Bank. For 10 or 12 years prior to the purchase the former owner, Mr. Landers, had also operated a drug store there.

Teddy was a big sports fan and decorated his malt shop and drug store with many photos of the LHS Bulldog teams. Students would head to City Drug Store daily after school to meet with their friends and swap stories about upcoming games and other matters of interest to teenagers. Teddy took a real interest in the young men and women and encouraged each to do their best. He had a special talent for remembering their successes and would constantly tell everyone how proud he was of them when they accomplished something worthy of notice.

Dr. Kavakos was an ardent fan of the Bulldogs. On April 8, 2001 I met with him to discuss his recollections of his favorite team. Click on Teddy's picture above to hear a part of the interview where he discusses the history of the various team that wore the red and black. In the interview, you will hear me, his wife and my mother and you will get to meet Thomas, the cat! You will need the Real Audio player to hear the clip. You may download it by clicking here and downloading the free basic player (look hard on the page for the basic player, which is free, otherwise they will try to sell you the plus player).