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Charles Outler, Class of '60, played center on the 1959 Bulldog team.
Spirited competition on the field built self-confidence and prepared the young men for the tough challenges of the business world. Click Charles Outler for a sports quiz from the past.

Whether it is playing your heart out on the field or court, screaming your lungs out from the stands, working in the concession booths, or running around under the bleachers or behind the gym playing chase, there are few things in Lyons that can match the overall excitement of a football or basketball game. Some of our fondest memories were sealed by adrenalin such that to this day they may be instantly recalled and all the glory that was Lyons sports competition can be relived again.

We will try to capture both the fun of yesteryear and the continuing excitement of the TCHS Bulldogs today on these web pages. We invite you to submit photographs and write-ups of your most exciting memories to help everyone conjure up those defining moments in our exciting time at LHS.

We are greatly in debt to Billy Yarbrough, Class of '65, who maintains these sports pages.


1927 Bulldog team with Bob Brown, Jack Brown, Stacy Odom and others who are unknown.
1927 Bulldogs
Jack Alexander, Captain 1960 Bulldogs
Jack Alexander - 1960
Miriam Smith, 1956 Girls' Basketball
Miriam Smith - 1956

George Fant, Class of '58, in his Junior Year.
Do you know how many times Lyons has defeated Vidalia in the hotly contested inter-county rivalry? Click George Fant to see the stats known thus far.